1991 IBM M122 Battle Cruiser

Series: Keyboards

  • Layout: ISO 122-key Battleship/Battle Cruiser
  • Switches: Buckling Spring
  • Keycaps: IBM InfoWindow / Unicomp specials
  • Controller: Arduino
  • Firmware: Soarers
  • Bolt Modded

IBM M122 Battle Cruiser Keyboard

A reliable daily driver with a lot of macro keys, thanks to Soarers Firmware running on the Arduino that powers the USB conversion of this 1991 IBM InfoWindow terminal keyboard. You can of course hear the buckling-spring keys from across the house, but if you’re into hard-click switches like Cherry/Gateron Blue, chances are you also like the good ole buckling spring mechanism that appeared most famously in the IBM M-series and also accompanied the Tandy 1000. This beast is over 30 years old and there’s no reason to think it won’t live another 30. It’s huge and heavy, but not as huge and heavy as the Hyper 7.

github gist: My Soarers keymap